JourneyBox Sound Card Upgrade

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Designed to enhance your existing JourneyBox, this upgrade adds 5 new immersive sound journeys, bringing the total to 14. Each journey, approximately 20 minutes long, is intentionally crafted to help you instantly leave the stresses of everyday life behind and find inner stillness.

*JourneyBox Not Included


  • 5 New Sound Journeys: Expand your collection with new, unique soundscapes that offer deeper relaxation and revitalization.
  • Total of 14 Sound Journeys: Enjoy a diverse range of sound experiences, crafted to promote tranquility and balance.
  • Seamless Integration: Simply insert the new sound card into your JourneyBox and begin your enhanced audio journey.

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The Principles of
Sound Healing

With Sound Journeys created and recorded by composer John Petersen, JourneyBox employs a unique combination of time-tested sound healing instruments, ambient layers, and overtone-rich instruments that can literally slow down brain activity and promote a positive state of being.

Science has proven that sound and music have the ability to improve mood and facilitate deep relaxation.