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“I have used JourneyBox during my tai chi and I find it amazingly grounding as I go through the tai chi movements. It kind of enhances the whole idea of meditation-in-motion which is how I look at tai chi. The JourneyBox makes my tai chi flow a lot better.”

Dixon ChibandaThe Friendship Bench, Harare, Zimbabwe

“JourneyBox provides opportunities to encounter the self in heightened ways. The Sound Journeys provide us with fresh guides on the path of self-awareness, growth, and expansion while enveloping us with beauty.”

Ann CasapiniCertified Anusara Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Tuckahoe, NY

“I keep my JourneyBox playing for weeks at a time – the Sound Journeys allow the healing nature of music to make life calmer and happier, keeping me healthier and helping me sleep better.”

Holly HauptTransformational Bodyworker/Bonesmith, NYC

“I use JourneyBox to relax, to help sleep, to calm myself. It is small, portable, and can go anywhere, bringing along its magic, shifting the energy in minutes. The Sound Journeys heal and hold you; it is truly a gift to experience.”

Stephanie DanforthArtist, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

“The compact size of the journey box also allows the convenience of moving around with it, in the car, the gym, near the pool, it fits perfectly into my luggage, moving between cities and countries too. The bluetooth makes it easy to plug into and has multiple uses - it's great!”

Reabetswe MoetiFilm Director, Johannesburg, South Africa

“JourneyBox has become part of my life and routine. I use it to meditate - the Sound Journeys are very gentle and flow easily, helping me to go deeper into my practice.”

David BenderArtist/Sculptor, Brooklyn, NY

“The Journey Box music is an amazing accompaniment to my healing sessions. In the silent moments, the perfect note or symphony fills the space to assist my clients on their journeys. It also drops me into a space of clarity and love as I work.”

Stacey PlattEnergy Healer, Los Angeles, CA

“I regularly use JourneyBox for personal meditation, yoga practice, and when traveling to settle to sleep. JourneyBox and the Sound Journeys are nothing short of an auditory miracle.”

Cathleen JasperLicensed Acupuncturist, Five Seasons Acupuncture, Martha's Vineyard, MA

“JourneyBox has become part of my routine and helped my sleep health – I turn it on as I get into bed and play it every night, throughout the night, and into the morning. It has become a comforting companion wherever I go.”

– CDNew Business Development/Advertising Boston, MA

“The Sound Journeys have an almost magical way of being at times uplifting and expansive, and at other times so soothing and calming. I find it comforting to listen to in the evenings and especially when falling asleep. JourneyBox is medicine for these times of chaos and change.”

– Annie ColangeliArtist, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

“JourneyBox helps me to find peace within myself. The Sound Journeys help me concentrate on what I’m doing, and I get less distracted by my phone. It allows me to relax and enjoy the quiet time.”

– Celina Liv DanielsenJournalist Copenhagen, Denmark

“JourneyBox transforms our home into a sanctuary, with Sound Journeys that ground us while we spend time connecting with our family and friends.”

– Ethan, Stephanie & GraceCold Spring, NY

“My yoga practice with JourneyBox has become the highlight of my week. The Sound Journeys are soothing, healing, and lull me into a state of meditation and extreme calm.”

– MGInsurance Broker Services, Greenwich, CT

“JourneyBox sits beside my bed and takes me on Sound Journeys that aid my sleep, allowing me to let go and journey to the places I want to go.”

– Graham LeaderFilm Producer, NYC

“I utilize JourneyBox for yoga and meditation classes, and the students feel that they have been transformed, moving through a beautiful and graceful journey of body and mind flowing together.”

Lauren BergerMeditation Coach; Master Yoga Teacher, Greenwich, CT

“I like JourneyBox to work like a switch, moving my mindset to a new place with the music. I love listening to all the tracks during intense work days - they keep my work room feeling “alive” without sound distractions.”

– Gregg GreenwoodArtist/Photographer/Website, Designer NYC

“With the click of a button, you’ll be in a state of healing. Without the need to be connected to wi-fi, I can have the Sound Journeys playing in the background to create a serene environment, or I use the JourneyBox when practicing meditation, reiki healing, and yoga.”

– Diana ZinniMusician/Songwriter, Jersey City, NJ

“As a music professional, JourneyBox’s Sound Journeys are my favorite–- I know that they come from the heart.”

– Alan SchwartzGuitarist Composer Producer, NYC

“The Sound Journeys are moving and draw you into worlds within worlds of yourself, in an interesting, unpredictable, and unpretentious way, allowing you access to being at peace with wherever you find yourself at that moment.”

– Marsha BSound Healer, NYC

“I play my JourneyBox while I write, relax, meditate, do yoga. It is beneficial when getting through those mundane tasks that tend to cause anxiety or stress. Personally, the Sound Journeys aid in shaking up various mental blocks.”

– Egle PetraiteActress, Writer, Filmmaker, Brooklyn, NY

“JourneyBox is like a breath of fresh air. The Sound Journeys instantly shift the gears in my mind helping me to feel relaxed and calm, assisting me in my deep release and meditation practice.”

– Priya LaaschMindset Coach,, Denver, CO

“Often JourneyBox’s Sound Journeys accompany my breathing exercises. Other times, I allow it to guide me through my consciousness through the sound itself. Either way, JourneyBox always makes me feel extremely safe and very nurtured.”

– Laura ArtenActor/Artist/Producer, NYC

“Listening to the Journey Box sound meditations during my yoga classes and Healing Touch sessions have been deeply relaxing and calming for my clients. I have enjoyed the centering effects as I played the music softly.”

– Roberta BrownBSN, RN, LMT, CYT, CHTP/I, Integrative Medicine Coordinator, Greenwich, CT

“Each Sound Journey takes you to another dimension of awareness. I listen to JourneyBox music while meditating – it is both calming and elevating, leaving me suspended in a mindset I can only name as divine.”

– Dr. Lloyd Sheldon JohnsonEducator-Spiritualist/Healer-Writer, Cambridge, Massachusetts

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